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NJ Maids insurance vendor services offers a full range of professional services to our clients, providing the most efficient approach in recovering and maintaining properties that have experienced the eroding effects of vacancy and foreclosure. Utilizing our single point of contact system, our clients engage us with a variety of needs for interior and exterior property maintenance concerns. We work closely with local County Code Enforcement teams on properties in violation to ensure full compliance and satisfaction. Our teams of licensed, highly skilled contract partners are the best at what they do.

NJ Maids understands our client’s goals of securing, preserving, maintaining distressed property assets. We offer many cost-effective services to successfully help our clients maintain their assets while compling with  FHA, HUD and other governmental preservation guidelines when needed. Security within 48 hrs. of a contracting agreement, NJ Maids will re-key and secure all openings on abandoned, vacant or foreclosed property.


NJ Maids will remove personal property, debris and provide eviction lockouts when necessary. All eviction lockouts will be completed as directed by the client and in compliance with local regulations. No actions are taken without presence of local authorities. Complete documentation will be provided with photographs of all trash and personal property handled by the crew.

Specific Services Include: Re-key all doors secure garage doors (both auto and pedestrian) and gates disable all other exterior locks after foreclosure Utilize hasp and padlock if handset cannot be installed install client specific, custom-coded lockboxes with backup key hidden onsite.

Board properties when requested   Repairs & Rehabilitation: NJ Maids along with Metro Building Services provides a cost effective scope of repair and rehabilitation services to optimize the marketability and return on investment. All services are coordinated directly with our client point of contact and the individual property needs.

NJ Maids offers: Emergency Water Removal Mold Clean Up/Remediation and Air Quality Testing Pool Security to HUD Specifications Appliance replacement and installation all mechanical and HVAC work, including plumbing and electrical all structural work, including foundation, masonry, roof, carpentry, drywall, windows and doors, etc. Interior and exterior cosmetic improvements, including flooring (carpet, wood and tile), paint, cabinets and counters Landscaping, exterior lighting and outbuilding repairs Interior renovation, including aesthetic and structural improvement Exterior improvements, including material upgrades Landscaping enhancements, including lawn, plant and tree installations/removal, sprinkler system installation, lighting installation, re-grading, etc.   Preparation for Sale After NJ Maid has removed all debris and appointed personal property; we provide full janitorial, lawn and pool care as part of our initial services package. We provide online visual inspections and approvals to ensure the work is done to specification. We take pictures and upload them, document and provide up to the minute updates.

NJ Maids Services include: Personal Property and Debris Removal Remove and store personal property as requested Document with photography all personal property handled by the crew Remove all interior and exterior debris from the property Initial Services Complete initial lawn and yard services, including clean-up, mow and trim Complete initial clean, including all standard janitorial services Complete initial pool services Safety Repairs Repair or replace any structural or exterior features that present a safety risk secure fence surrounding pool, as needed Hide Sale Preparation Services Maintenance NJ Maids provides an interior and exterior upkeep required to maintain the overall pristine appearance and condition of the properties. Following the initial services mentioned above, the recurring maintenance services include: Lawn and Yard Mow, trim, and edge on recurring schedule as requested by client Remove clippings and blow clippings as needed Special services such as fertilization or aeration, available upon request Janitorial Services Vacuum, mop, scrub bowls and basins, and wipe down all surfaces on recurring schedule as requested by client Special services such as window cleaning, deodorizing, and maintaining lighting Pool Maintenance Drain, acid wash, cover or refill as necessary Start-up of the pool and its operating systems Add necessary chemicals to ensure the proper pH balance Inspect and recommend appropriate repairs or replacement of pumps, motors, and filters Special Regulatory Services Municipality and HOA Compliance Specific code violation and HOA restriction response as dictated by local authorities Mitigation and resolution direct with local authorities   Miscellaneous Services Smoke detector inspection and replacement, per local regulations Fire sprinkler inspection and replacement, per local regulations Lawn sprinkler and drip system inspection and replacement Pressure Washing Pest, Rodent and Termite Control Tree Trimming (away from structure to reduce risk of pest infestation).

NJ Maids documents every step. We provide a constant contact with our clients. All photos are uploaded securely.

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